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    Production variations are eliminated through meticulous design and tightly controlled production techniques

Hard Facing

Best-in-class Application

We offer a complete range of hard-facing to suit all drilling conditions. Through continuous improvement, we have leveraged on our experience and technical know-how to develop expertise on wear resistance and characteristics, as well as matrix hardness. Extensive in-house research has resulted in our best-in-class application process; the increased reliability in bonding is proven by track records on the field.

HF 1000: Crushed Tungsten Carbides are fused together within a tough polycrystalline matrix of nickel. The 3mm grain size ensures greater concentration of carbide which is ideal for soft formation drilling.

HF 2000: Geothermal Dressing: trapezoidal tungsten carbide inserts are held in a sintered carbide nickel bronze matrix. This will give a greater depth of carbide coverage – ideal for high deviation drilling in abrasive formations.

HF 3000: Metal Powder spray is used to fuse the tungsten carbides. This spray deposit is ideal for abrasive formations. Recommended for non-magnetic stabilizers

HF 5000: Flexicoy Technodur: Fused tungsten carbide in a nickel chrome boron matrix designed for oxy-acetylene torch application. Flexicoy has pure nickel core surrounded by fused tungsten carbide and alloy elements for the matrix.

HF 6000: Flexicoy Technosphere & Diamond Tungsten Carbide Inserts: Diamond inserts and tungsten carbide inserts are set in a powder spray deposit – ideal for very abrasive formations.