• Flowing Rock

    Production variations are eliminated through meticulous design and tightly controlled production techniques

Premium Threads

Superior Connections

Premium connections are typically designed to have a stronger fatigue resistance and enhanced sealing properties without compromising the ease of make up and break out. These properties allow for higher forces and pressure ratings during drilling operations.

Across the Group, we are licensed to machine Tenaris DSTJ, TPS TS 4/6/8, Drillpipe Master DS50 and Benoit BTS6 premium connections.

More specifically, Oilfield Services & Supplies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (in Songkhla, Thailand) and Olio Oilfield Services Sdn Bhd (in Labuan, Malaysia) are licensed to thread Grant Prideco HI-TORQUE™, GPDS™, XT™, XT-F™ and TurboTorque™ premium connections


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