• Flowing Rock

    Production variations are eliminated through meticulous design and tightly controlled production techniques

Surface Engineering

Embracing Technology

OSS is an ARNCO certified applicator for 100XT, 150XT, 300XT and 350XT for hardbanding solutions. These are applied using a metal arc, inert gas shielded consumable electrode process. Granular tungsten carbide particles are fed automatically into the molten weld pool to obtain a uniform distribution and maximize wear resistance.

Precisely controlled pre-heat and post-heat conditions ensure that only fully-metallurgical bonded hardbanding overlays of optimum integrity are applied. The deposit is made flush to + 1/32 above the O.D. of the collar.

Our research & development partners employ Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding and Laser Cladding technologies to provide even more wear resistance for your specific requirements.

Cutting-edge technology is applied to extend your tools’ service life – the coatings and overlays impart greatly improved performance of the desired characteristics such as wear resistance, impact resistance, sliding wear, corrosion protection, friction modification and other specific electrical properties.